Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hello All!

I apologize for the long delay in posting new content. No, I haven't died in a plane crash, or eloped, or given up being vegan. I went on unofficial hiatus while I was finishing my dissertation, then returned to the US and wasted several months trying to decide what to do next, and then began researching and applying for jobs.

I know, boring. But I also bought and began to learn about HTML, CSS, and the CMS Joomla so I could build a better site, with more types of content and overall improved functionality, not to mention a more professional appearance. I love doing this, and there are so many ways I want to improve and expand.

That's been taking longer than I had hoped, particularly with a full-time job search going on and some freelance work on the side. However, I realized that I shouldn't just stop until I could get it perfect, so I'm gearing up again. I have 25 drafts of posts, and a whole notebook of new ideas to fuel me for a while. I've been pretty active on Pinterest and Twitter, so check me out there if you need a quick vegan recipe fix.

Thank you for bearing with me, and look out for a post in the next few days about the food from my trip to Spain! Viva gazpacho!



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  1. This was very well written, it makes me feel like I was enjoying the sun on the beach with you. It also makes me want fried pimentos...yum!