Monday, June 13, 2011

Knoxville's Market Square Farmer's Market

Hello all! I don't have a recipe for you today, but I feel pretty bad about having gone so long without posting. It's not for lack of work -I have 15 drafts for recipes right now, some almost complete and others still in their seminal stages, several where I've made the dish once or twice and still have some tweaking to do.

So today, instead of a recipe, I submit as a peace offering some farmer's market pictures. Saturday mornings in Market Square are my favorite time of the week, even though I only get off work for about one every six months. Enjoy!

Janine Musick with her beautiful lettuces
Milkmaid-chic at Cruze Dairy Farm
Read the flavors - all handmade and great inspiration for some vegan alternatives
Knoxvillians - find this woman and buy her lip balm. I have the mint, and I love it!
So pretty - I love the slight contrast between the blues

Garlic scapes - locally grown, easy to incorporate, but still seem exotic
Jim Smith from Rushy Springs Farm is they guy to talk to about peppers, herbs, and garlic varieties. Basically all the stuff that makes food taste great. Don't let him talk you in to tasting the wormwood.
More of Jim's wares, including his hot sauces
I'm going to smuggle some of his chili powders into Scotland when I go
Read the sign for humorous quotation marks

Art installation + urban garden in a public park
Aaaaand a pipe band. The Highland Games were coming up.

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